Bryan Barker

General Manager

Epic Shine State Street

Bryan takes his work at Epic Shine seriously while still enjoying the ride. He is passionate about providing an unbeatable car wash experience, and expects to have a long (and epic) career with Epic Shine. Outside of work, Bryan is a major sports enthusiast with a love for all things Oregon Ducks, basketball, and golf.


Dave Conley

General Manager / Partner

Epic Shine Nampa

Dave brings 19 years of car wash experience to the Epic Shine team. While dedicated to providing a quality car wash experience, Dave is even more enthusiastic about developing a relationship with his customers. He gives each customer his utmost attention and says that his favorite car to wash is the one that is currently going through the tunnel. Dave is an Idaho native, and loves to spend time outdoors when he’s not at Epic Shine.


Tiffany Henson

General Manager

Epic Shine Linder Road

Tiffany believes that a clean car can brighten anyone’s day. At age 15, she got her first job at a car wash and worked there for over nine years. She developed a love for the industry and enjoys giving customers that feel-good experience. When she’s not at Epic Shine, she enjoys following her favorite Chicago sports teams.